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Malala spurs school-for-all vow, now deliver

By Gordon Brown, Special for CNN
November 10, 2012 -- Updated 1407 GMT (2207 HKT)

Editor's note: Gordon Brown served as Britain's prime minister between 2007 and 2010 after a decade as the country's finance minister.. He is now the U.N. Special Envoy on Global Education.Read more about Malala Day here.

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- Pakistan has a new heroine and a new cause -- a girl's right to education -- and after Friday's announcements from the Pakistani government that they will adopt new measures to get every child into school by end 2015, that cause has a timetable and a deadline for delivery.

Everywhere you go in Pakistan you find people talking animatedly about the 15-year-old girl, Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban last month.

A rickshaw touring the streets of Islamabad has a slogan posted on it: "Malala for education and peace." Go to the local girls' school and every girl seems to have written either a poem or a song, a letter or a card to Malala.

Listen to the politicians and every speech is laced with references to the courage of Malala. Meet civil society organizations and they will tell you that the audience for their educational demands has risen markedly over the last few weeks.

It seems that Malala's courage has awoken Pakistan's silent majority who are no longer prepared to tolerate the threats and intimidations of the Pakistan Taliban.

cause:原因、起因、事業    animatedly:熱烈地    rickshaw:黃包車    intimidation:恐嚇


巴基斯坦有了位新的女英雌和新的工作了-女孩們受教育的權利- 週五巴國政府發表宣言,聲明他們將採取新的方法,並在2015年前讓所有的孩童都能就學,給了此項工作一個時間表和最後期限了。

走在巴國的任一街上,你都可以聽到人們熱烈的討論這位上個月才被塔利班攻擊的15歲女孩,Malala Yousafzai。

在一台伊斯蘭馬巴德街上做導覽的黃包車上,你可以看到這樣的口號"Malala for education and peace." 走到女子學校裡頭,每一個女孩都為Malala或寫了首詩、寫了條歌、寫了封信、或是張卡片。



Your messages to Malala

Can Pakistan convert its momentary desire to speak out in support of Malala into a long term commitment to getting its three million girls and five million children into school? Can the politicians, long-criticized for a failure to deliver, find the teachers, the classrooms and the reading materials to give millions of children a basic education?

This is what I talked about with Pakistan's leaders. Meeting President Asif Ali Zardari, and in front of a 500-strong audience, many of them from the Swat Valley where Malala was shot, I presented petitions already signed by more than one million peoplein the international community in honor of Malala and her cause.

These signatures were complemented with another one million signatures collected by Pakistani civil society's One Million Signature Campaign to demand free and compulsory education.

Another 100,000 signatures from out-of-school Pakistani children are the start of yet another one million-strong petition, this time from the children themselves demanding their right to school.

momentary:(a.)瞬間、剎那    petition:請願   complement:補充   compulsory:(a.)義務

巴國能夠將支持Malala的短期話語,化為長期的承諾,好讓三百萬的女孩以及五百萬的孩童受教育? 飽受批評只是嘴砲的政客們,能替數百萬的孩童們找到老師、教室、還有閱讀刊物,好讓他們有基本的教育?

這些就是我和巴國領導人所談的。在和Asif Ali Zardari總統在五百位大部分來自於Malala中彈的那個村落的聽眾前會面時,他們,我呈給了總統一份超過百萬人簽署的請願書,主要是由國際間響應聲援Malala的人們簽署的。

該國一個公民團體發起了 One Million Signature Campaign 來訴請免費義務教育,他們貢獻了另外的一百萬個署名。


A $1,000,000 bounty in Malala case

The president and I agreed on a series of deadlines in a plan to ensure all of Pakistan's five million out-of-school children have the opportunity to go to school.

Pakistan on Friday asked to join the Accelerated Millennium Development Goal Framework process that will allow the country to assess its current education plans, strategies and obstacles to delivery in consultation with international organizations and then work together to contribute to Pakistan's dream of education for all.

A deadline for the final draft of this accelerated plan is set for April 2013 when the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, President of the World Bank Jim Kim and myself, alongside the heads of major international agencies such as UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA and the Global Partnership for Education, will meet in Washington with the Ministers of Education and Finance of Pakistan.

The aim is to match international and domestic support for realizing the 2015 goal.

bounty:賞金         consultation:諮詢         draft:草案


週五,巴國被要求加入" Accelerated Millennium Development Goal Framework"計畫,以期能讓國際組織評估該國目前各項教育方案、計畫、以及障礙,並給予諮詢,並合作努力完成巴國的全民教育美夢。

2013年四月會是此一加速計劃草案的期限,因為屆時聯合國秘書長Ban Ki-moon、世界銀行主席Jim Kim和我、以及眾多國際組織的領袖們(如 UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA,以及全球教育合作組織)將在華盛頓與巴國教育及財政部長開會。


Suspect's sister apologizes

Five months of intensive in-country work with the Pakistan government, civil authorities and foundations, as well as international organizations, lie ahead to ensure a detailed, budgeted plan.

I have suggested to the president that he consider involving all educational groups from civil society interested in achieving the universal goal in the processes.

Today there is new hope for the three million girls denied their right to schooling and a new chance to ensure the right to education for all.

Pakistan and the international community are united in their goals.

We now must deliver. But a more active, more engaged and more determined Pakistani people can ensure that education for all is no longer a slogan but a reality.

intensive:緊張的、強烈的        lie ahead:擺在面前      universal:普及的、萬能的     









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